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International Academy

The International Academy is a project that aims to bring together young people from different countries to experience the art of great masters of instrument, singing and direction. The International Academy and Conducting Competition is part of this project, whose next edition intends to continue to attract many young conductors from all over the world.

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Concerts for the Family

In order to fill a gap in the field of training, OCCO created the cycle of concerts "ABC da Música", whose main task is to transmit knowledge of the language music, its rules and terminology. Through small steps, audiences of all ages learn the "alphabet" of music and get to know the instruments and composers, in an easy and relaxed way.

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Music at the Museum

A 20-year project in partnership with the Portuguese Music Museum where students of different ages, as well as senior citizens, have a meeting with OCCO musicians and knowing some of the secrets of this art, open their horizons to classical music and famous composers.

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